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River Chelmer
Posted by Felsted Preparatory School , United Kingdom on 23 June 2015
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Fresh Water Watch

Felsted Prep School took a couple of year 7 groups on a geography field trip to our nearest river called the River Chelmer. We all had a great time splashing around in the water measuring the depth and speed of the flow. Then we were discovering the hidden chemicals that are not able to be seen. We were looking for Phosphate and Nitrate using the equipment that was supplied by Water Explorer. We all ahd a great time and learned that our water was dirtier than we thought even though it looked clear and clean. The water in the River Chelmer had the most amount of Phosphate and Nitrate as they both went the darkest colour possible. Although the water looked fresh and safe it actually had many more than the two chemicals we tested for. We were also making sure that we didn’t harm the environment and the wildlife in it.

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