South Africa
Preparing for a new season
Posted by Nhlonhlweni Primary School, South Africa on 19 February 2020

The first of the Autumn permaculture design competition is coming through!!! Steaming ahead is no other than our very own farm school, Nhlonhlweni from Ladysmith. Using the design principals of edges, water conservation, polyculture, companion planting, the eco-club designed their own garden using a calendar of different plants that are appropriate for the Autumn season. The children learned that because different plants have different harvesting/germination periods they need to be planted at the right season to be ready to harvest and eat in their correct season. Mielies they all knew are harvested in March and planted in September after the first rains. Designing a garden on paper, takes careful consideration and forward planning to make sure that our plants are ready to eat at the right time. This activity was a great integration of higher-level thinking and planning!! Well done Nhlonhlweni.

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