South Africa
Explorers Who Care DO NOT care for fracking!!
Posted by Scottsville School, South Africa on 25 April 2019

Our learners recently embarked on a mission, where at the Happy Earth Festival, they were involved in educating others (through fun learning and games), about local environmental issues. Some of the main focus areas were litter, recycling, using water wisely, and the fracking dilemma. Our Team were devastated as they learned about the reality of hydraulic fracturing in other countries, like Queensland, Australia, Germany, and other European countries. The thought of our luscious Midlands hills becoming waste land, endangering all life, had our learners sharing ways and ideas to rethink the awful idea of fracking. Unfortunately, as we discovered, there is no such thing as safe fracking. Therefore, the only safe thing to do is to not frack at all! We were able to get our anti-fracking petition signed by people from all over our city and out-lying areas. At the Happy Earth Festival, we were very excited to see this book complete, with a total of 728 signatures against fracking! We hope to educate and inform many more people of the extreme dangers that fracking imposes. In doing so, our vision is to unite and take a serious stand against hydraulic fracturing.

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