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Crisis in the worlds water
Posted by Mansfield Primary School, South Africa on 17 April 2019
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Today Mansfield got started with a back to basics lesson on water conservation. Using bottles to illustrate the amount of water on the earth, we discussed that only 1% of all the worlds water is fresh and available for us to drink. Most of the world's water is either too salty or sadly too polluted for consumption. We then looked at small ways in which we could save water in the home. Already Mansfield has tippy taps and water buckets for every classroom and too drum home the point, Julia did an audit whereby she helped us to calculate the difference between washing a class of 50 dishes in a 20 litre bucket and washing your dishes under a tap. The results were staggering, Almost 280 litres can be saved as a result. We then went onto writing our own pledges in the form of water saving posters. What fun!! We were also very proud to report that some of our Moringa trees from last terms lessons are already starting to grow

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