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Water Friendly Diet
Posted by laddsworth primary school, South Africa on 29 July 2017
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For the Grade 5 Water Explorer lesson we discussed the secret water in food and our water diet.

Secret water in food:

We looked at the website to see how all our food is made up of secret water. We learnt where all the secret water comes from and how much secret water is found in certain types of food. We looked at what the term secret water means and how it affects our lives. We looked at the slides from the water explorer website and focused on the secret water in beef.

Water diet:

When discussion the topic of a water diet we looked at ways that we can reduce our water usage by changing the way we eat, for example having a meat-free day once a day. We looked at how much water we can save by not wasting food and only eat meat from animals that are free range.

After the two lessons, the class was divided into groups of four. Some groups were instructed to make posters on the following topics: Secret water in beef, secret water in pork and the secret water in coffee vs tea.

The other groups had to make a meat-free or water friendly menu for one day that include breakfast, lunch and supper.

The children enjoyed make the posters and were fascinated by the information that they found.


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