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Plant your seeds wisely
Posted by Scottsville School, South Africa on 25 July 2017
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Proud of our posters
Proud of our posters

During the Thirsty Farming expedition, Grade 4S were awesome in their enthusiasm to learn about and understand the differences between monoculture farming and permaculture farming. Throughout the presentation that Bridget prepared for us to watch and discuss, these Grade 4 learners were alert at all times, constantly answering and asking questions and referring to their dictionaries for the meanings of words.

We led up to the top field whereby we played a game with the use of printed images. Each child received an image or two and we pretended to be either plants within a monoculture or a permaculture type of farming, then our “crops” were swarmed by various predators like bees, wasps and other insects. The monoculture famer lost all of his crops whereas the permaculture farmer only lost a small percentage of his crops. Throught this fun game, we learnt about the frightening dangers of the use of pesticides and other poisons which are used to control pests, usually within the monoculture farming environments. The Grade 4 learners enjoyed both, the informative and fun, imaginative sessions and each child took the time to design a poster which we look forward to displaying during the course of this term! Thank you to WESSA Water Explorers and more specifically, to Bridget for coming to our school and taking the time to educate us about these important and interesting topics! We know that our learners now understand how we can actively save water in many, many different ways!

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