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Watery Workshopping
Posted by Sipha Green Buddies, South Africa on 21 July 2017
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Workshopping on Water and Permaculture at the Enviro-Clubs camp
Workshopping on Water and Permaculture at the Enviro-Clubs camp

Our Sipha green were fortunate enough to attend The School Environmental Education camp at Hibberdene – for enviro club members for 4 days. 9 schools were invited with 25 learners from each school. We did 2 WE workshops during this time - our first workshop was about 1 hr where we shared about water saving practices such as grey water harvesting and re-using water again. Everyone left feeling inspired and wrote pledges of how they were going to save water. The next day we did a workshop on permaculture and the problems with herbicides and pesticides and how it affects our water supplies. We also spoke about the value of mulching and intercropping and companion planting. It was all very interesting and learners and teachers alike were inspired. It was great to share our experiences with a wider community and to inspire other eco-clubs to do similar water saving projects. 

During this time we also had some great discussions on wetlands with a lady from the local community who told us about the value of wetlands and harvesting the Ncema reed sustainably. Some of our learners also reported a dripping shower to the management of the Eco-centre! 

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