South Africa
Wetlands 3: Protecting our Wetland
Posted by Corrie Lynn School, South Africa on 5 July 2017
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The Corrie Lynn Water boosters have continued with their extensive project on wetlands taking their knowledge and actions a step further. They are all well aware of the importance of wetlands and have made filiters that mimic the filter and storage functioning of wetlands. They have monitored the water quality of their local wetland at Nxamala and have done two clean-ups of the wetland. On their last visit they decided that some educational signage was needed to help increase awareness in the local community about why their wetland is important and why it should be looked after. The team enthusiastically set about their task and painted up bright signage in isiZulu with statements like: 

Did you know that Wetlands clean and store water ? 

Did you know that Wetlands prevent flooding and soil erosion? 

Wetlands provide habitats for many plants and animals 

Followed by appeals of

Save our Wetlands!

PLease keep out Wetland clean!

It was like a peaceful protest as they chanted and sang Viva Water Explorer Viva on their way to put up their signs. They are now determined to run a small workshop in the community about wetlands in the new term. 



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