South Africa
World Water in a Bottle
Posted by Hilton Montessori School, South Africa on 23 June 2017
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We did a small scale experiment to show how much water there is in the world (100%).

After that we broke it down to show much is salt water (75%) and fresh water (25%).

We then broke the fresh water down into four further categories. These included fresh water held in ice caps (84%); ground water (14%); fresh water in lakes and rivers (1.8%); and fresh water in soil and air (0.2%).

We converted millimetres into percentages and placed the quantities into plastic bottles to indicate the various levels of the water.

From this experiment we learnt how scarce the fresh water supply is and how important it is for us to use this water supply wisely. It was very interesting and fun to measure out how much water we have access to.



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