South Africa
Bucket it!
Posted by Ekuphileni Primary, South Africa on 8 June 2017
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Do you know how much water is wasted if you drink under  a running tap?? Anywhere between  400ml - 1000ml (600ml on average). The Ekuphileni water explorers worked this out as they measured run off from their friends drinking under a running tap.

They then took the figures further and worked out that on average every learner will drink THREE times wasting a cummulative 1, 8 litres per learner.

With 840 learners at their school that is a whopping 1500 litres wasted every day!

In 1 week thats - 7560litres 

In 1month thats - 15 120 litres = THREE 5000litre Jojo tanks wasted!!!

As a result the school has sourced twenty 20 litre buckets to put outside of each classroom to mitigate the wastage and as a result are saving 1500litres of water/day! 




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