South Africa
An Alien Invasion
Posted by Crystal Springs Primary, South Africa on 28 March 2017

Today lesson was a unique South African challenge looking at the problems of alien invasive plants. Do you know that out of our 2000 alien plants from other countries, only 10% are considered invasive. Invasive Alien Plants IAP’s, not only take over an area and rob native plants from sunlight, soil and space, they also are incredibly thirsty drinking gallons and gallons of precious fresh water a day. In KZN alone, alien plants drink three times the capacity of Midmar, that’s a major water source for PMB and Durban.
Using ID book and pamphlets and general knowledges, learners learnt to identify different types of alien plants and distinguish common indigenous verse alien plants. We then discussed how unlike our indigenous plant which are adapted to conserving water in dry conditions, whilst Alien plants grow rampantly devouring our water. We then did a scavenger hunt to explore the school ground for plants using differing ID features. We finished the day making alien plant awareness posters to share this invaluable information with others.

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