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Wetland filiters
Posted by St John's DSG, South Africa on 23 February 2017
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Amahle reports : On the 13 of February we went on a school trip to the Botanical Gardens we learnt a lot about water whitch was realy fun. We learnt how to make water filters it was realy all we needed was cotton wool , gravel (small rocks ) ,beach sand ( fine sand ) , elastic bands ,grass and some netting . I think the uses  of  water filters is realy useful because for all the people that have to walk far away just to get water and somthimes the water is realy dirty , so if thier water is dirty the could make a filter and clean thier water . We think our water filter was one of the best because the water was a bit cleaner than the other groups  water filters.  Our group could have improved the filter by making our layers thiker and adding a bit more netting on the top . A filter is  similars to a wetland because they both clean out dirt from the water and make it cleaner and  they take out all the litter that we may throw  into  the water ,or we throw it on the side of the road and the wind blows it around then it lands  in the wetland and so the process continues .

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