South Africa
Wetlands study and miniSASS
Posted by St John's DSG, South Africa on 23 February 2017
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Amy Cocker from Grd 6 reports: 

On 13 of February my class went on a outing to Botanical Gardens for a wetland study.We learnt some ways to save water and we learnt about wetland.These are some ways to save water use a bucket to wash your car,take a short shower and water your gardens with grey water.We then learned that wetlands are a natural filter and are flood bursters. we also learnt to how to make our own filters.We learned that we have to put a lot of natural things in our filters.Then my class and I went on a walk and caught incests. we study the insests then and let them go again. After we study the animals we indentified them using the mini sass chart and tested the quality of the water to find out if it was polluted.


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