South Africa
Waterful wetlands
Posted by St John's DSG, South Africa on 23 February 2017
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Filters and wetlands are similar in many ways.Filters and wetland help to clean water,and liquid substances.The filters we made today contained gravel,cotton wool,sand,grass and neted cloth.We learn that the thicker the layers,the water will slow down more and they would comeout cleaner.Wetlands act in a similar way.On one side,the water will be dirty and muddy,and the other side contains clean water.The questin is how?As muddy as it is and the more sewage and pollution is carried, through the river and into the wetland but it comes out clean and clear.The reeds and grass stop the polluition and sewage from going into the wetlands and comes out clean,just like a filter.I really enjoyed Botanical gardens,with a thank you to all the teachers that came with us.It was a fascinating trip and I had a wonderful time.

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