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Wonderful Wetlands
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Posted by Home School Nature Club, South Africa on 21 February 2017
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Wonderful Wetlands…

So, swamping and stomping around in a freshwater wetland sounds like fun, hey! Well, some of our Nature Clubbers recently learnt that wetlands offers much more than just having fun.  Wetlands has a variety of plant types, and each different type of wetland may have different kinds of plants and animals!

Wetlands are perfect environment for frogs and insects. At our recent visit to a wetland we found frogs, crabs, dragonflies and mosquitos! Insects are an important part of the plant and animal life in wetlands. They help to pollinate plants and provide food for birds and frogs. It was interesting to know that mining, pollution, farming are detrimental to our wetlands! It was very interesting how the grasses act as a filter and strain the water to purify it and keep it clean! We made our own wetlands, by placing sponges in a tray of water with grasses and discovered how wetlands “clean” the water and almost act as sponges!

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