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Save,Store,Sink,Spead and Stop
Posted by Bambanani2016, South Africa on 20 February 2017
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On the 10th Februaury, Miss Julia Colvin took our grade 5 for a lesson in permaculture. Perma-Culture means permanent agriculture, this is a way of farming that allows us to grow healthy food for years to come because we look after our natural resources like water and soil. We do permaculture because we want to care and feed our people as well as care for the earth. Using a poster and a tray of bare soil and mulched soil, she showed us how by mulching the soil with dry hay we prevent soil erosion and keep our living soils moist without having to continually irrigate. This helps to save water. We ended off the lesson with a very fun song and action dance about saving water in the garden- "Save, Store, Sink,Spead and STOP!!!!!

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