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Clothes for Life
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Posted by Howick High School, South Africa on 29 November 2016
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Wildlands "Green Chat" article
Wildlands "Green Chat" article

Together with the Recycling Managers, the Eco Club were involved in the Wildlands “Clothes for Life” campaign, where pupils were asked to collect old clothes to be distributed by Wildlands to less fortunate communities. This tied in with our “water saving” theme, as a large amount of “secret water” is used in clothing manufacture (e.g. 2 700 litres of water is used to make 1 T-shirt!). We were awarded Makro vouchers for collecting 198,80kg of clothes and individual pupils received indigenous trees as prizes for their collections.   

With these Makro vouchers we purchased new recycling bins for the quads. Thank you to Wildlands for providing the labels for these bins. Recycling is now a way of life at Howick High and we are very proud of being named one of Wildland’s “top recycling schools” in the Midlands.

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