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Posted by laddsworth primary school, South Africa on 24 November 2016
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As part of our Watery Workshop, one group from the 3 Grade 4 classes prepared and taught Grade 2 learners about ‘Thirsty Farming’.  A challenge they had previously completed.

Today we taught Grade 2 about farming.   We taught them about monoculture, permaculture and pesticides. We played a game called Monoculture, Monoculture, Permaculture (like Duck, Duck, Goose) We also played a sorting game. We did a short play about farming. There was a monoculture farm and a permaculture farm, pesticides, pests and veggies. We did a quiz of five questions. They were supposed to write them down but it got a bit boring for them. So we let them just put their hands up to answer the questions. We had lots of fun!


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