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Posted by Scottsville School, South Africa on 17 October 2016
Mrs Dunnington and Mrs Cawood proud of the display!
Mrs Dunnington and Mrs Cawood proud of the display!

This morning we set out to arrange our "RED CODE: DROUGHT CRISIS ALERT" display at the entrance of Pick n Pay, at Liberty Midlands Mall, PIetermaritzburg. There are Hippo Water Rollers on display too, with a pledge competition box, and information on these water tank rollers, to be seen. We also have our anti-fracking displays up, along with our petition. If you are going to be in the area, be sure to stop at Liberty Midlands Mall to check out the two-sided display! Don't forget to make a pledge and sign our petition! All donations and proceeds will be sent to Gift of the GIvers, whereby Hippo Rollers will be purchased and distributed to communities who will benefit from using these Hippo Rollers. Thank you to the teachers who helped, the learners who contributed their art work, and a special, HUGE thank you to Mrs. Cheryl Dunnington, for arranging the initiative, which is for such a worthy cause.

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