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Growing Pulses!
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Posted by Home School Nature Club, South Africa on 11 October 2016
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Growing Pulses! The children of our Home School Natur Club, participated in an activity where they had to rearrange sets of cards showing different food items, with the emphasis on secret water used in the production process. The end result was astonishing as the children realised that processed food like cheese, coke, and coffee use much more water to produce than unprocessed, unrefined foods like tea, fruit and vegetables. For e.g.: 1kg of red processed meat, used 15 000 litres to produce against 1 kg of pulses used 2000 litres!  The children also learnt the different names and types of beans / pulses and were excited to start growing their own pulses and experiment with the different types of beans and record what type of bean grows better in different areas and under different conditions.

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