South Africa
Morning at Midmar: Mini-SASS
Posted by Cowan House Preparatory School, South Africa on 10 October 2016

The Grade Ones enjoyed a cold and windy morning at Midmar dam, learning about how the drought has affected the dam levels and, in turn, the lives of people and animals in Pietermaritzburg and the surrounds. We were joined by Bridget Ringdahl from the WESSA team and the children learnt so much by listening to her as she shared her expertise. We did a Mini-SASS experiment at Midmar dam, but unfortunately did not find many creatures living in the water. With this being said, Bridget showed us a poster of all the creatures we could find in dam or river water and the children loved creating their favourite ones with clay, sticks and leaves! After testing the acidity and oxygen levels, as well as the temperature, of the water, we discovered that Midmar was about 18 degrees Celsius, didn’t have high levels of oxygen but was spot on when it came to the acidity level! It was so interesting for the children to see how low Midmar dam is and how much more rain we need to fill it up again. Although it was a chilly morning, it was one of fun, wading in the water’s edge and lots of learning. Thank you to Bridget for sharing her valuable time and knowledge with us!


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