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Think before you eat
Posted by Scottsville School, South Africa on 29 April 2016
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Our top 10 posters win an Eco Club Kids magazine
Our top 10 posters win an Eco Club Kids magazine

On Thursday the 21st of April, we were super excited to have Bridget from Water Explorers join us at our school! In celebration of World Earth Day, one of our Green Flag classes, Grade 5M had the opportunity of exploring the use of water during the processing of various foods. They played a game using flash cards trying to guess which foods used the most amount of water during the manufacturing process, in descending order. Then we spilled the beans and were quite shocked at how much water is actually used! The class then had to design water smart recipes and pledges informing our school of the amount of secret water used in so many foods! The top 10 posters won a Kids Eco Club magazine! Well done, Grade 5's.

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