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Deutsche Schule Durban hosts Water Explorer Workshop
Posted by Deutsche Schule Durban, South Africa on 14 April 2016

On the 9th of April 2016, the Deutsche Schule Durban hosted the Water Explorer Workshop for 30 schools in the Greater Durban Area, and there were about 70 pupils and teachers representing their schools. The Workshop was fun for all, with six different workshops presented by the staff from WESSA. Each person could choose three of the workshops to attend throughout the day:

1. Thirsty Farming - This was presented by Julia Colvin and she showed us what damages are done to the soil with chemical fertilizers. We also learnt how to control pests naturally by making your own water friendly pesticides.

2. Water testing - Christine Hugo took us down to the Palmiet River (which borders our school) to find  macro organisms and we then did an assessment of the current state of the river. This is called miniSASS.

3.Clean that water up - Shine Murphy showed us how to make our own water filters.

4.Secret Water - Charlene Russell explained how much water is used in everything that we make and eat etc.

5.Water wise gardening - Sam Rose showed us how to conserve water when gardening.

6. The Water we Eat - Bridget Ringdahl explained why eating lower on the food chain is good for us and the planet

We all got a delicious lunch in celebration of the Year of Pulses.

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