South Africa
Cowen House Water Explorer Workshop
Posted by Mpo Enviro-Champs, South Africa on 31 March 2016
Learning to make organic fertilizer
Learning to make organic fertilizer

On Saturday 19th March, 13 Enviro Champs attended the Water Explorers workshop in Hilton at Cowan House School.
They were split into groups and attended various sessions which included making water filters, permaculture gardening, secret water (the water it takes to make things eg a cotton shirt) , thirsty farming, miniSASS etc. This workshop was from 8.30am to 3pm so most of the Enviro Champs could attend all sessions. We had a delicious lunch made from legumes and pulses. The Enviro Champs reported that they really enjoyed the day and can't wait to teach their kids at the Friday Youth Clubs all that they learnt.
While those Enviro Champs were at the Water Explorers workshop in Hilton, Baba Cele and Ayanda remained in Mpophomeni to take the Saturday Kidz Club with the remaining Enviro Champs. This was an extremely successful morning as 42 kids attended. While they were gathering at the Nokulunga Memorial site a bus load of Church people stopped to ask them what they were doing. Ayanda said it was a perfect opportunity to describe the work they do to new people. They joined in and learnt a lot. At the end of the day they handed out Breyani to the Enviro Champs and kids.
The Enviro Champs and kids walked up the Mhlanga Stream, it was in very bad condition and scored only 3.5 on the miniSASS score.
Two week after the Water Workshop at Cowen House, the Enviro-Champs are still enthusiastically speaking about the happening on that day. Secret water, making organic fertilizers, vegetarian cooking are the new hot topic of discussion, and sustainability is on the tips of everyone’s tongue. On Tuesday the 29th March, the enviro-champs organised a recap session for the benefit of those that could not attend. “Lessons learnt today, will be put into practice tomorrow" says Ayanda


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