South Africa
Arbor Week Display
Posted by Danville Park Girls' High School, South Africa on 25 October 2015

A display was put up in the library to celebrate Arbor week to inform pupils on the importance of trees. The display tied in with the water Explorer theme as it highlighted alien plants too and how much water these plants use compared to indigenous plants. The impact of trees on global warming was also highlighted. Pictures of indigenous trees at Danville were put up. The display also highlighted the negative effects of alien trees and what we can do to help with the problem. More indigenous gardens are being planned at Danville.

Grade 11 Life Science pupils did a whole study on alien plants as part of the curriculum (Human impact). The impact on water quality and quantity was looked into, as well as the impact on biodiversity and food security. The impact on indigenous plants of medicinal plant collecting in the wild was also researched.  

The display made pupils realise the importance of indigenous trees and the dangers of alien trees.   

Eco-Schools theme – Nature and Biodiversity

How many pupils took part/ grades – Two Environmental monitors (Grade 11) put up the display and the whole school viewed it in the library. Grade 11 Life Sciences pupils studied alien plants in the curriculum (90). 

Local Partner African Conservation Trust

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