South Africa
Just like a Wetland
Posted by Shea O'Connor Combined, South Africa on 30 September 2015
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Today our Grade 7 learners were treated to a visit by the water Explorer team. Although the class was roudy and highly excitable at first, they so settled down to listen to an interesting and incitful discussion around the all important topic of water. We learned that water Explorer was an important program for all schools across the world, as one way or another, we are all impacted by water pollution and fresh water scarcity. We play a ' Wetlands of the World" card game to highlight and discuss practical solutions to many of the factors that cause pollution and other problem with our water. The learners were then made to think about all the different ways in which we can save water at school and at home. They made their own pledges on the blue raindrops which they promise to honour and abide from this day forward. I think this will have a great impact on how our yongsters treat our natural resources as this lesson kept them intrigued. 

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