South Africa
Our Thirsty things!
Posted by Hawkstone Primary School, South Africa on 18 September 2015
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At first the learners didnt realise how everything we use , utilizes water. After sharing some  examples like the journey of jungle oats from the farm to the factory to the shelf they realized lots of water is used and that in fact everything we use whether our food, clothes and things ,all take lots and lots of water to make! We then made paper as way to show that water is used in all things and why recycling is important. In the case of recycling paper it will reduce the amount of water used by about 50% . The learners realised this as we didnt have to grow the trees (which would also take a really long time and use lots of water!!) They mashed up old paper with about 7 litres of water and we were able to make about 12 sheets of paper which less that one litre/page. (it takes 10 litres to make 1 a4 page if you have to start from scratch!

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