A Bigger and Better Walk for Water!
Posted on 25 February 2019

The Walk for Water has become part of Gozo College Middle School’s calendar. This year will mark their 10th year of walking for water. Following the huge success of the past walks, where each year water pumps were installed to families and communities in need in Kenya, funded through donations collected from passers-by, this year the school is planning an even bigger event.

On March 19th the Misty team will be organising a Climate Action Fun Walk in the streets of Gozo. The Fun Walk  is to raise awareness on climate change and encourage action focused on a number of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) mainly Climate Action, Clean Water and Sanitation. The walk will not only raise awareness about water conditions in third world countries but will also send a message about Climate Change. Changes in climatic conditions are affecting all of earth’s natural systems including the water cycle and the supply of fresh water both on the surface and underground.

Everybody being welcomed to participate and advertisements have been posted all over social media and they are being supported by environmental influencers and various entities. A donation of €2 will be collected as a participation fee. The funds collected will be then given to the Malta Community Chest Fund and AKVO organisation (to install new water pumps in poor communities which do not have safe clean water). To top it off, all participants will be given an innovative sustainable gift meant to further enhance positive environmental action.

Through this walk, with the slogan – Walk! It’s Carbon Neutral!, the students and teachers from all schools in Gozo and Malta, and the general public will be giving their share on how we can be part of the solution and through their solidarity with children and their families in Kenya, no one will be left behind. This is a fun way to reduce greenhouse gases and increase awareness about climate change, water scarcity and the need for action. 

This event is also being supported by Her Excellency, the President of Malta, Dr Marie Louise Coleiro Preca.

Good luck to the team, we can't wait to see what they achieve this year! 


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