Posted by Les Ayent'eaux_2020, Switzerland on 22 February 2019
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Thanks to the money raised during our "RUN FOR WATER" race in Ayent, we can finance the construction of three boreholes with water pump in Burkina Faso, in collaboration with the association Métissages. A delegation of some members of the association will leave during the Easter holidays to coordinate the construction of the three boreholes. The Romande Métissages association goes first, to choose the project it wants to support. She then looks for funds. When she found them, the association went back to the site, participated in the work but hired officials from the region to monitor and execute the work, making sure to use local products and materials. All this to ensure the proper functioning, maintenance and durability of the built structure.
We will be able to help 500 people in different villages in the commune of
Dargo, by financing two boreholes with water pump. Indeed, these inhabitants
are more than 8 kilometers distant from the first water point. They travel
daily this distance to refuel with water, using a cart, if they have one or
while carrying water on the head. The third drilling will help the Métissages
school, built ten years ago by the association of the same name. This school
had seven classes and now it has twelve.
There are 700 students.

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