H2O Penthalaz 7H are making a splash!
Posted on 18 February 2019

Congratulations to H2O Penthalaz 7H_2019 from Switzerland for making a splash and being awarded Water Explorer’s current top team!

H2O Penthalaz 7H are new to Water Explorer this year and the team consists of 20 students aged 10-11 years old. They have completed 4 challenges, one per mission, and have written a newsreel for each challenge which they have also gone the extra effort to translate into English. The team have shown they have learnt about the water that is embedded in our food and the importance of saving water in our day to day lives. Recently they went to their local river to complete the MiniSASS challenge and investigated the pollution that was damaging the river.

Well done team!

The Water Explorer Team

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