The Boys of the Lake are making a Splash!
Posted on 11 February 2019

Congratulations to The Boys of the Lake from Italy for making a splash and being awarded Water Explorer's current top team!

The Boys of the Lake, from Anguillara next to Rome, have started 2019 with lots of enthusiasm. In the past week they have published five rap songs for the Global Water challenge Rap Tap Tap! They created five groups and decided each one would write a song with inputs from all the student's amazing ideas. The raps communicated the importance of water but also sending a message about human's behavioural contributions to climate change with simple yet young and gripping text to reach the hearts of young people. In the end the team reached 50 people with their raps and are continuing to share their amazing work. 

Well done team - keep up the great work!

The Water Explorer Team

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