Is our water polluted ?
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Posted by H2O Penthalaz 7H_2019, Switzerland on 21 January 2019
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To begin we will explain the operation and the work of this experiment.

  1. We went to a first water source and found that it was rocky or sandy.
  2. We searched for small insects under the rocks with a small net.
  3. Then we analyzed these insects (colors, sizes, species, quantities).
  4. We then went to a second water source to see if it was rocky or sandy.
  5. We did exactly the same work as for the first source.


We could see that in the first source there was no insect and it was very dirty (a lot of waste and very muddy water) because there is a lot of passage (cars, station, store, waste).

Regarding the second source, there is no passage because it is in the middle of the forest. The water is very clear and there are a lot of insects. Under the rocks and pebbles we find dozens of insects at once.

Do not take your waste in nature !

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