The Swiss national event!
Posted by Yaëlle Linder on 11 June 2018

The award ceremony of the best water explorers of Switzerland took place on Friday, June 8, 2018 under the best auspices: 3 enthusiastic finalist teams from 3 different cantons: Friborg, Neuchâtel and Valais. The temple of fresh water, namely Aquatis, to welcome them, an organization at the hair and an interested jury: all these ingredients made this day absolutely brilliant! A few people answered our invitation of the day: the deputy head of the Education Department of the Canton of Valais, a representative of the Francophone Education Department of the Canton of Friborg. Thanks to them! Others joined for interest: Aquatis mediation officials. The day was extraordinary! The 3 teams showed during the morning their know-how and their work as explorers: theater, singing, choreography, speaking alternately. These 3 expert water explorer teams demonstrated to those present all the energy and motivation they had during the year on this programme. The work of the jury was very difficult as the 3 teams were deserving! The Water Explorers program has been talked about and has a future for the 2019 edition! Thank you all for this beautiful day and congratulations to the 3 teams of Water Explorers!


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