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Posted by SULTAN AYHAN İLKOKULU, Turkey on 1 April 2018
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             As a team of Suyun Sultanları  Water Explorers   we held a meeting for the MAKE YOUR OWN CHALLENGE activity.At the meeting we exchanged  ideas about what we could do . The common idea of the majority was that we have been working in Gebze ( where we live) until today. We decided to do this activity in our province and in another town close to us. We wanted to  try to create awareness by drawing attention to the water saving and the conservation of usable water resources by introducing the WATER EXPLORERS PROJECT in different places.

           We designated KOCAELI  SEKAPARK and KOCAELİ  DERİNCE HARİKALAR SAHİLİ  as an activity area for our new task.

         We planned  to make a call to conscious water consumption with our rap song YOU! PROTECT THE WATER   ,to tell all the people we meet about water exploration project and its purpose and to give brochures about what to do for water saving. We set the date of the event. Taking the necessary permits from family members and school management , we went out to do our activity.

                 First, we met with the people in KOCAELİ SEKAPARK. We told them the purpose of being there and the aims of the water explorer  project. We gave our water saving brochures and  had them sign our water pledge  cards. Finally, at various times, we have sung our rap song YOU! PROTECT THE WATER  at various places in the park and we attracted the attention of people in the park and  created awareness.

             We made awareness by doing the same works in KOCAELİ DEERİNCE HARİKALAR SAHİLİ. While  we were singing our rap song, we were very happy that the audience was broadcasting live from their personal accounts . We returned to Gebze with the interest we saw, the words of appreciation we heard and  the pride of people's  support. With the happiness of ending  one more  task successfully, we say:






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