Global Team of the Week goes to Team Water Crusaders
Posted on 30 May 2017

Congratulations to the Water Crusader Team from King’s School in South Africa on being this week’s Global Team of the Week.

This team of 21 enthusiastic students have injected a lot of energy into the Water Explorer programme over the past two months. They’ve completed the whole Fresher Water Mission, as well as 10 other Challenges!

With South Africa entering the dry season, the Team have introduced a Waterless Wednesday, where all water supplies at the school are turned off and each learner has to bring a 2 litre bottle of water from home for all their needs! This saves lots of water and ensures everyone at school thinks about the value of water. They have also promoted low water footprint events such as providing vegetarian food served on a cabbage leaves at their Autumn Day picnic to avoid packaging and eat more water wise.

They are also growing their own food and have done lots to promote frogs and wetlands over this term too!

Congratulations to the Water Crusaders Team from King’s School, it’s great to see you taking such a strong lead on water saving at school!

The Water Explorer Team


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