Water Festival
Posted by Grafen-von-Schaunberg Schule, Germany on 29 May 2017
Post related to Wasser in unserem Essen, Secret Water

The water explorers invited students from the 8th grade to their school to spend a watery day. Here is what they did...

To welcome the class they painted the school yard with the street marking crayons they got as a national school of the month prize. All sorts of watery images could be seen including the water explorer avatars. Check it out!

Afterwards they made vegan burgers together to save water and also get to know some new meal ideas. Everybody was happy and the food tasted great!

Moreover, the water explorer team presented an alternative to aluminium foil and cling film, which is only cloth soaked in bees wax. It is washable, re-useable and just amazing! Also, they presented the water explorer campaign and explained what they had done so far. 

At the end all of them had gummy bears and took some photos. It was a great day!

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