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Posted on 22 May 2017
Ntokozo asking a question
Ntokozo asking a question

Our school was extremely excited to be contacted by Auguste Carbonnel and Collège Saint Joseph du Loquidy, which are both Primary Schools in France.

To exchange information, we arranged a Video Call/Skype session with these two schools! Green Flag Classes, 5A and 6L were selected to take part. We were enthusiastic as we learnt about the similar and different characteristics of our schools and countries.

We also exchanged some information regarding the flood in France, drought in South Africa and the devastating aftereffects of these. We were interested to find that the effects of these extreme weather conditions have left such a long-lasting effect in many different ways, concluding that a balanced weather cycle is so important for the well-being of any country or place!

We showed off posters which our students designed to raise awareness of the drought crisis in South Africa, and in return, viewed posters made by the students at Auguste Carbonnel. It has been fascinating learning about these schools in France and how far they have come with the Water Explorer program.  

This week we are scheduled to Skype with Collège Saint Joseph du Loquidy again, whereby we will continue with our session from last week. We are thoroughly enjoying this way of communicating, asking and answering questions to compare our lives and what it means to be a Water Explorer.  

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