Global School of the Week goes to Howick High School
Posted on 24 April 2017

Congratulations to Team Howick High School from South Africa on being this week’s Global Team of the Week.

Howick High have made huge efforts from the start of the year, completing over 9 challenges so far! They have thrown themselves into a whole variety of water saving efforts, from increasing recycling in their school (and therefore saving Secret Water) to collecting 2,946 litres of grey water, which they used to water their school garden.  In another effort to stop so much water going down the drain, the Explorers also put bottles in all of their toilet cisterns, saving thousands of litres every month!

The team have also conducted a very thorough investigation of the water quality of their local river. When their first test indicated that the water quality was not very good, they decided to test the water quality further upstream, to see if there were any differences. Their results showed that the water quality was better upstream, which they thought might have been due to the fact that the river was flowing faster upstream, and may have had less fertiliser washed into from streams. The team now plans to keep on testing the river's water quality throughout the year, to monitor its changes.

Well done Howick High Water Explorers, keep up the great water-saving work!

The Water Explorer Team


Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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