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Posted by GÜZELTEPE AHMET YESEVİ İLKOKULU, Turkey on 6 April 2017
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As a team, while planning the “clean water create your activity” section, we started to went over the activities we did at clean water. This part was the last activity of this category. So we want to chose and plan an extensive one which consists of many activities.

We started to investigate the causes of water pollution. Waste batteries, waste oil, medical waste, domestic waste and so on. We tackled each one by one. We enlighten our community by initiating waste battery and waste oil collecting campaigns in our school.  We managed to get the waste oils and batteries from our school  by informing the TAP association through Çayırova Municipality. We made a meeting with Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality ISU Head Office. With our slogan” Water explorers say: Everything will be cheaper then water in the future”; we planned to print the picture design which has our school and Hopewater ( Umutsu) Water Explorer names on the water bills.  We requested the water bills to be distributed with this design. It was not possible for now because the bills were printed in specific time periods but we got the promise of  bills containing our designs to be distributed to 240.000 subscribers this year.

After investigating the causes of water pollution, we figured out that mercury wastes pollutes the water too much.We were curious about where the mercury is commonly used and which measures are taken regarding it in our town. Therefore, we got an appointment from Çayırova Community Healthcare Center to organize a tour. Güray TANRIKULU who works as a Environmental Health Techinician in Community Healthcare Center - Environmental Health Central Unit,  gave information to us. He mentioned that the samples taken from the water are sent to Istanbul Public Health Laboratory Number 1,  for the contents in it to be inspected  once a year. He also indicates that Ministry of Health is making an audit for collection of Mercury wastes and the hospitals are signing agreements with special companies for waste collection.

In the light of these informations we returned to our school and analyzed where the mercury is used. We learned that it is commonly used in the hospital devices and if there are any alternatives for these devices. We got an appointment from Medikal Park Hospital Gebze and arranged a visit.

At Medical Park we are welcomed by the Deputy General manager Erol TURAN, Hotel Management and Support functions , Occupational Physician, nurses and doctors. We informed them about our project and gave them our brochures. We learned on how the Mercury wastes are terminated at hospitals. Akan KILIC from Hotel Management and Support Function, give information to us by showing around the departments where the wastes are collected. He told, the medical wastes are sent to IZAYDAS Kocaeli , dangerous wastes and fluorescent lights are sent to ISTAC Istanbul for termination. Also we learned that these wastes are transported in closed container protected vehicles with special trained drivers. The people responsible for transport are  trained everymonth and their clothes are washed seperately. We learned that the patients with chemical burns have a seperate bath and the waste water of this bath is being collected seperately.

With the happiness of finishing all activities in our project, we got an appointment from our borough master Mustafa HOTMAN and visited him. We explained our project and tell that we are the only school from Kocaeli which attended this project. We talked about the projects we did and we will do in the future and gave the painting we made in our “ Hidden Water Self Activity”.

We were thinking about  the  long ways we came through and the awareness we raised at many people while returning to our school with the proud of finishing the last activity of our project. We also realized at this project that” Each time we came to an End , was actually the first step of new Start!”




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