Global Team of the Week goes to Zespół Szkół w Palikówce
Posted on 3 April 2017

Congratulations to Team Zespół Szkół w Palikówce from Poland on being this week’s Global Team of the Week.

The Water Guardians team from Zespol Szkol w Palikowce are a very active bunch of Water Explorers, having already completed most of the challenges, including four of their own creation.

Sharing their watery knowledge with everyone in their school has been a really important part of their role as Water Explorers. They have shared with enthusiasm their experiences with peers and younger students in a few watery workshops and, with much preparation and to the delight of all, they organized a school water show and exchange of used books, games and other items. The school is now looking forward to showing the village community all their passion for water and its mysteries in the coming water festival!

The team are also one of five ambitious Water Explorer teams to try out an experiment to see if sprouts growing in water treated with compassion and love grow better. They were astounded to find that the sprouts with such treatment grew much higher than the others! It was a great lesson in values for them.

Congratulations Water Guardians and good  luck with your Water Festival!

The Water Explorer Team


Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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