Water and fashion
Posted by Evolène_2017, Switzerland on 3 April 2017
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The water and the fashion

Material for costumes :

We brought to school a box, unused pullovers unused,  brushes, a cutter, an adhesive tape, cotton and to finish a transparent thread.

Costume of the cloud and the drop of water recycled:
Adanok and Nolan cut in the cutter a drop and a cloud on the box which we recycled. Then we painted the drop in blue and the cloud in dark gray, we made holes for eyes and then we thread on the mask to make it hold on the face of the model and on the cloud to make it hold on the neck of the model.

Material of the cloud and the drop of water:
Two sheets of blue paper - two unused pullovers - two big boxes

Costume of Amandine:

Amandine printed our adversity and used an old t-shirt.


We don’t need to buy always new clothes. We can recycle them. 



Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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