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Investigating Danville
Investigating Danville's toilets

To reduce the amount of water being flushed down the toilets at our school we decided to place either 2l or 1l plastic bottles filled with water into the cisterns of the toilets.  This would reduce the amount of water filling each tank and therefore the amount being flushed.

Our Environmental Society went around the school and investigated how many toilets there were and how many of them we could implement this plan.  Some of the toilets don’t have tanks that are accessible.  There were a total of 48 toilets in the school building where we could put a 2l bottle into each cistern and 4 toilets where we put a 1l bottle into the cistern.

We then conducted a survey asking all the pupils and teachers to estimate how many times they use the toilet at school each day.  We estimated that the toilets are being flushed 982 times per day with each cistern holding about 9l.  This adds up to a total of 8838l of water per day being flushed away.

With the plastic bottles in place we are saving 2l per flush.

 i.e. 982 x 2l = 1964l per day.

We have also been keeping records of water usage at school since January 2016. Since placing the bottles in the toilets, Danville’s water usage has decreased significantly.  

Grade 12 geography pupils also did an in depth study of water usage in the Danville toilets. A project is attached below.  



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