Celebrating World Oceans Day: 17 Junes
Posted by Sri Vishnu Primary, South Africa on 30 June 2016

Shri Vishnu Water Explorers celebrated World Oceans Day on the 17 June at Blue Lagoo Beach in Durban.  They participated with DUCT (Dusi Umgeni Conservation Trust) in a beach litter clean up campaign. Learners found that most of the litter was plastic and that is was everywhere: in the sea, on the rocks and in the sand.  Bags were filled so quickly it was so sad to see how much waste was collected in such a small area and short time. The Water Explorers discussed the different types of plastic found and where they would have come from and how they would impact on Marine life... The WE team were humbled and saddened by the state of the oceans but were glad that they contributed to helping even in the small way that they did. 

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