Bags out of worn out T-Shirts
Posted by Montessori Grundschule Starnberg, Germany on 25 June 2016
Post related to Modisches Wasser, Secret Water

How much water is hidden in our Jeans and T-Shirts? This question was part of our one-week journey through the water world…

We found out where cotton plants are grown and that they use thousands of litres to grow before they are turned into clothes. This again uses many many litres of water.

Then we looked at the clothes we wore and checked the washing labels. Where do our clothes come from? Lo and behold, the result was: most of them are produced in Bangladesh, China and Turkey.

On our self-made world map we portrayed the total journey of a jeans from growing the cotton to sewing in the washing labels and then selling them in a store. We could not believe that a jeans uses 8.000 litres of water and travels 20.000 km before we can actually buy it.

One thing was certain: we have to reuse old clothes to be able to save water! So come on to the scissors and in no time at all we made useful bags for bread or laundry out of worn out T-Shirts :)

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