Singing Water songs with Justin Bieber
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Posted by St Peter's Girls School, South Africa on 24 June 2016
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Our talented Georgina
Our talented Georgina

We had a week of Water related activities a few weeks ago. One of the tasks, was to write a poem, prayer or song about the current water crisis. We first looked at the current water crisis. As a group, the class decided that there were three main factors contributing to the crisis at the moment, namely Water quality, Water quantity and Water management. The girls then had to write either a poem, prayer or song that would tell others about how they can do their bit to help save, clean or manage water.

Writing lyrics for a song really made the girls first have to think about the possible problems before writing the song. They researched different aspects of the water crisis and were quite upset by some of the things they found out. It definitely gave them a sense of empathy for people who are not sitting in a home with running water, or who do not have the luxury of clean water to drink. It gave them a sense of responsibility that they have to care for the precious water that they have. 

 Georgina Schaefer wrote some beautiful lyrics and sang it to a backing of a Justin Bieber song. She sang it for the class and it was amazing. We decided to help her take it a step further and took her to our recording studio to tape her. Attached is the result.

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