Our Wonderful Watery Workshop
Posted by glenridge pre primary, South Africa on 23 June 2016
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Can you spot Godfrey our Water Explorer avatar?
Can you spot Godfrey our Water Explorer avatar?

As we have had quite a lot of functions already this year at our little school, we decided to combine our Water Festival with our annual fun craft day. So all the teacher and parents got together to make sure that most of our activities were based on water saving ideas or illustrated some of our water saving lessons that we had explored throughout our water explorers adventure.. To begin with we made a big display of how our grey water challenge has been charging along in the foyer. At our planting table, we made self-watering pots from recycled buddy bottles. We made cards from recycled pictures and paper. Our gift bags were recycled cereal boxes and we had a homemade lemonade stand. At all of our stations we had a sign explaining the water saving significance of each activity. We also decided to brand Godfrey, our water explorers avatar so that the children will associated him with any future water activities, so we encouraged the children to take a picture with him. We had a little talk to get the visitors on board and encouraged them to sign a pledge leaf on our tree. And even sang them our new water song that we made up. We also contacted the water board for pamphlets and found them to be very supportive. They gave us lots of free material to hand out to our visitors like the a-z of water saving and how to save water at home. All in all it was a fantastic success with lots of positive feedback from our parents and other participants.

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