Mpophomeni Water Festival
Posted by Water Explorer on 21 June 2016

It’s the season for water festivals! Come rain or shine they are in full swing. The Mpophomeni Water Festival took place earlier this month, “After weeks of preparation on sun drenched, dry days, the first thing we heard on the morning of the Mpophomeni Water Festival was the pitter pat of raindrops.  In the African tradition, this is an auspicious sign for important occasions.”

The festival combined Education…

“There are simple solutions to prevent polluting rivers”, Lindiwe told her audience, “Rather take water from the river to wash your clothes and then you can use the grey water for watering veggies. This is much better than washing directly in the stream.”


“After a puppet show by Yo! Puppets that demonstrated through games and songs the value of clean water for people and animals, explaining the water cycle and how fixing dripping taps is very important, everyone dispersed to the colourful information and action stations set up around the hall.”

And Action…

“Everyone donned plastic gloves and grabbed rubbish bags and headed into the cold.” A large scale group rubbish collection then ensued across the banks.

The festival changed minds and spread the water saving message far and wide...

“I believe we changed some people’s minds about using chemicals. They found our demonstration of homemade spray interesting and liked the way mulch saves water.”

“There is little doubt that the Enviro Champs have had a big impact in Mpophomeni.”

What an inspirational water festival, the day was brimming with activities centred around saving water which were all brought together by a strong sense of community. Follow the link to read the full story from Mpophomeni, South Africa.


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