Gotta get some grey water!
Posted by glenridge pre primary, South Africa on 7 June 2016
everythings coming up green!
everythings coming up green!

When I first broached the subject of grey water with our liitle ones, I had no idea how firmly the idea would catch hold of their minds. Once again I'm reminded why I, or indeed anyone else should ever underestimate the understanding and power of children. 

We discussed what grey water was and where to collect it making sure that they understood that it was not for human consumption. Then we discussed where we could use the water. The 2 simple solutions for our school were obviously the toilet cisterns and watering the garden. As we have not managed to set up a system that would feed the water into our toilets yet (but it is being discussed), the garden has been on the recieving end of a glorious morning shower of much needed water.

Initially I only spoke to the grade R class, but on seeing what tey were up to, the whole school down to the 2yr olds wanted to participate. In the first 3 days we collected over 40 ltrs. So our ingenious school secretary, Mrs. Ward, with the help of some pupils, created a chart for us to keep a log of incoming water. Nothing like a bit of competition to light a fire.

As you can see by our chart, we are going strong. Long may the spirit of grey water flow through our school.

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