Thirsty Hamburgers
Posted by Northdene Preparatory School, South Africa on 30 May 2016
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Several children came up to me in the weeks before this challenge with very puzzled looks on their faces. I had put a big sign on our water explorer board that said, "How much water do you eat?" 

"Miss, you can't eat water," they said, in a tone of voice that suggested that perhaps I had lost my marbles somewhere on the school field. "You'll see," I answered mysteriously. 

The week after that, I ran up to various of our Water Champions in the school and asked them to say particular lines for a video to explain all about secret water in the food that we eat, specifically the infamous cheeseburger. We then showed it at our school assembly, and challenged the school to have one meal without meat.

And after their meal, they were asked to bring their recipe to school so that we could share all those amazing, water saving ideas with the whole school. I'm particularly looking forward to the vegetarian Butter Chicken recipe that has no chicken!

We hope you enjoy our video as much as we did making it.




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