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Posted by Convent Primary School, Ireland on 13 May 2016
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Checking out the local flora and fauna in Kanturk
Checking out the local flora and fauna in Kanturk

Our latest challenge took us outside in the lovely sunshine today. The challenge was done in conjunction with another local project called The Raptor project with IRD DUHALLOW. This project involves educating young people about the importance of protecting our local rivers and the amazing life which depends on them.  The group leader Paula spoke to us about kestrels, hen harriers, otters, trout and lots more creatures which use the river. We learned about the river pearl mussel which can be found in the Duhallow rivers and are now in danger because of the silting problem which is increasing due to flooding. The water masters were given lovely colourful worksheets of our local flora and fauna and our job today was to find as much as possible using the local river by the school. We really enjoyed learning names of the trees and plants and comparing them to the lists. We found tadpoles in the shallow areas and also some trout were spotted jumping for insects. The IRD group will return at the end of term to report back on our project. Thanks to Paula for her wonderful talk, and for the great worksheets and maps.

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